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3 Types of Planned Gifts

1. Outright Gift of Appreciated Assets

A planned gift is any major gift that is made as part of an overall financial and estate plan such as monetary donations, securities or stock, real estate, artwork, business affiliations, property, insurance or retirement plans.

2. Plans That Return Benefits

Planned gifts can “give  back” to the donor for a time, providing extra income in retirement years  or helping to fund educational  expenses, elder care, and other needs of loved ones. For example a Charitable Gift Annuity is an agreement between a donor and a nonprofit organization. The donor gives the charity a lump sum of money for which the charity agrees to pay the donor an income as long as the donor lives. When the donor dies, any remaining money belongs to the charity.

3. Gifts Payable at Death

Donors may use estate and  tax planning techniques to maximize the gift while minimizing its impact on the donor’s estate. Donors may give a variety of assets including retirement plans or business assets to minimize taxation both to the donor estate and the donor’s heirs.


One Response to “3 Types of Planned Gifts”

  1. Dr. Jim Kelvington says:

    I have attended many Planned Giving seminars and they always say that there are many more bequests that a charity does not know about compared to the ones we do know about. My Vice President is looking for some data on this and the source. Can you please help me.