21 Steps to a Successful Planned Giving Initiative

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Twenty-One Services for a Successful Planned Giving Initiative

Planned Giving Program Design and Implementation

  1. Design Your Planned Giving Program
  2. Formulate Gift Acceptance Policies
  3. Draft tailored Bequest language and Planned Gift application forms including sample documents.
  4. Assess and refine internal Planned Giving processes, programs and materials.
  5. Planned Giving Donor Support
  6. Establish a Bequest and Planned Gift Recognition Society
  7. Conduct Planned Giving process and ROI educational seminars for prospects
  8. Staff and Volunteer Training and Development
  9. Implement on-boarding development program for new Planned Giving staff
  10. Guide the development of a volunteer Planned Giving team
  11. Conduct Planned Giving training seminars for all organization staff
  12. Provide Gift Planner Mentoring for volunteer and staff
  13. Provide interim staffing to support planned giving programs
  14. Partner with Planned Giving staff to present program to organization’s Board of Directors including proposed Board Resolutions
  15. Back-Office Administrative Support
  16. Tailor specific guidelines for administration and investment of Planned Gifts
  17. Develop current, tailored report formats to satisfy legal regulations
  18. Provide accurate calculations of charitable deductions including projections
  19. Provide as-needed consultation and guidance to ensure implementation and maintenance of a consistent Planned Giving program.
  20. Facilitate state registration and reporting for multi-state CGA programs.
  21. Serve as virtual back office for CGA administration