Charitable Gift Annunity Administration

Administrative Procedure Review for Best Practices

  • Meet with development staff to establish goals, objectives and administrative strategies.
  • Track state annuity requirements and assist client in ensuring that new and existing contracts are compliant.
  • Assist in the development of state specific annuity contracts and other relevant documentation, including appropriate administrative forms.
  • Provide assistance with state registration and filing requirements.
  • Support your staff by responding to tax or legal inquiries.
  • Advise marketing material development to target educated donors.
  • Respond to donor inquiries if requested and provide illustrative calculations for possible gift scenarios.

 Comprehensive Regulation and Tax Services

  • Establish CGA administrative pools for efficient monitoring and payment management.
  • Maintain complete, accurate and confidential records for donors and other annuitants.
  • Complete all CGA administration reports:
  • FASB 116 and 117
  • Liability reporting
  • Calculation of reserve requirement;
  • Gifting and administrative summaries of CGA contracts and annuity payments
  • Create IRS Form 1099R for each annuitant
    • Prepare an administrative summary of all forms issued
  • Detail ratable share accounting for gift annuity investment pool.
  • Provide periodic reserve and trust accounting reports.

 Technical Advisement and Consultation

  • Provide advisory services on planned gifts including:
    • Calculations
    • Illustrations
    • Consultation based on donor-specific information
  • Evaluate existing procedures and develop appropriate gift acceptance policies.
  • Identify state registration and reporting requirements for charitable gift annuities.
  • Review new and existing charitable remainder trusts, if applicable.
  • Present samples of charitable gift annuity agreements and CRT documents.
  • Serve as external consulting support to the development staff.

Customized Services

  • Annuity payments delivered by check or ACH.
  • Checks delivered two days in advance of contract date.
  • Checks can be customized.
  • Bulk delivery of checks or individual mailings using nonprofit’s stationery.