Prepare to Receive a Deferred Gift

Deferred Gifts are a long-term benefit for your organization.

Here is a list of steps you can take to prepare to receive an on-going deferred gift:


Our goal is to help you build a trusting, warm and caring relationship  with your donors to provide outstanding stewardship of services.   Inform your staff and volunteers of our services then call on us when you have questions.

GET INVOLVED.  It is best if your organization stays involved in the entire deferred gift process between the donor and the IRS.  While every donor believes that their charitable advisor is doing the best job possible for them, the reality is that most advisors handle so few annuity gifts that most of them don’t know what is actually involved.  Too often we are called in after problems surface.

GO THE EXTRA MILE. The philanthropic group that offers services well beyond the expected makes a very positive impact on a donor – especially if the donor has made similar donations to other charities.  Stewardship and  donor cultivation, are probably the most important service you provide .

ADMINISTRATION.  When you are ready to determine the  best way to administer your annuity gift fund, send a note to PGR . I will send you a list of the major banks that hold themselves out to be experts in the area of the administration of life income gifts.