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Your Virtual Office


PGResources Virtual Office

PGResources Virtual Office provides your organization with an efficient means to establish a sustainable source of income:

  • Economical — Fulltime planned giving directors are expensive. With salary, benefits, office space, support and expenses, the cost can easily exceed $125,000 per year.   PGResources Virtual Office will cost only a small fraction of this amount, as little as $825.00 per month.
  • Less Risk — A new planned giving program, and even a well-established program, may not generate enough activity to keep a fulltime staff person busy, yet it is very difficult to recruit and hire a part-time planned giving officer. Outsourcing solves this problem.


Cost Comparison to Develop a Sustainable Planned Giving Program

PGR Virtual Office


On-Site Planned Giving Office


PGR Virtual Office

Your Custom Professional Services

  • Planned Gift Outreach Plan
  • Guidance with promotional activities,
  • Gift annuity set-up, policies and procedures, state registration
  • Ongoing coaching,
  • Technical support with all planned gift inquiries and cases,
  • Gift design and consultation with donor advisors.


Monthly fee: $825

Six hours of support each month

Additional hours are available at a reduced rate, as needed



TOTAL COST:   $9,900/year

On-Site Planned Giving Office

Figures included here are based on a frugal budget, with modest travel expenses and no reference to search and selection process. Salary is for a planned giving officer with mid-level experience.


Base Salary                       $    85,000.00

Benefits (20%)                        17,000.00

Clerical Support                      13,000.00

Prof. Dues/CE                             2,500.00

Travel                                           1,000.00

Expenses                                    2,500.00

Computer                                    1,500.00

Office Equip                                1,000.00

Software                                      1,000.00

Publications                                     500.00

TOTAL COST:   $125,000/year













  • Minimize initial investment — With outsourcing, you can confidently start a planned giving effort with your current staff, keeping your initial investment to a minimum. You only pay for the service you actually use.
  • Interim Coverage — Even when you have allocated funds for a fulltime planned giving position, it can take several months to find and hire a skilled applicant. During the recruitment process you can keep your planned giving program active with your Virtual Planning Giving Office.
  • Technical Expertise — Outsourcing expertly handles the technical side of planned giving. Your development staff can concentrate on building donor relationships, not worrying about the technical aspects of gift planning and administration.


PGR Virtual Office Plus

Expanded services for the organization seeking to grow quickly with a modest budget.

Virtual Office Plus offers all of the outsourcing support of PGR Virtual Office as well as a flexible on-site consulting contract – five days of on-site counsel to support the advancement of the gift planning program. Contract is for a five day minimum, payable in advance. Client has one year to use the five on-site days and all normal business expenses are billed as incurred, includes travel and overnight expenses as appropriate.












Additional PGResources Services:

  • Recruitment — Even if you can commit to a full-time position, PGResources Virtual Office can help you set-up your planned giving program before your new staff person starts.  When you are ready to on-board a planned giving professional we will assist you to locate and select a candidate qualified for the position.
  • Donor Identification and Solicitation – We work with you to develop your donors, from prospect identification to cultivation and solicitation. We guide you through the entire process, helping you with each case.  We provide you with gift proposals and illustrations, and we are always available to answer donor questions and work with their advisors.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity Support – We provide support for charitable gift annuity programs, including new program start-up and state registration, forms and documents, illustrations and contracts, and Board training. Gift annuity administration, compliance review, investment monitoring, assistance with reinsurance, tax forms, annuity terminations, and reserve calculations are available for an additional fee. We take the worry out of starting and managing a charitable gift annuity program. See our Gift Administration Services page for further information.