Your Virtual Office

PGResources Virtual Office provides your organization with an efficient means to establish a sustainable source of income:

  • Economical — Fulltime planned giving directors are expensive. With salary, benefits, office space, support and expenses, the cost can easily exceed $125,000 per year. PGResources Virtual Office will cost only a small fraction of this amount, as little as $825.00 per month.
  • Less Risk — A new planned giving program, and even a well-established program, may not generate enough activity to keep a fulltime staff person busy, yet it is very difficult to recruit and hire a part-time planned giving officer. Outsourcing solves this problem.

Cost Comparison to Develop a Sustainable Planned Giving Program

PGR Virtual Office vs. On-Site Planned Giving Office

PGR Virtual Office

  • Your Custom Professional Services
  • Planned Gift Outreach Plan
    Guidance with promotional activities, gift annuity set-up, policies and procedures, state registration
    ongoing coaching, technical support with all planned gift inquiries and cases, gift design and consultation with donor advisors.
  • Monthly fee: $825
  • Six hours of support each month
  • Additional hours are available at a reduced rate, as needed
  • TOTAL COST: $9,900/year

On-Site Planned Giving Office
Figures included here are based on a frugal budget, with modest travel expenses and no reference to search and selection process. Salary is for a planned giving officer with mid-level experience.

  • Base Salary $ 85,000.00
  • Benefits (20%) 17,000.00
  • Clerical Support 13,000.00
  • Prof. Dues/CE 2,500.00
  • Travel 1,000.00
  • Expenses 2,500.00
  • Computer 1,500.00
  • Office Equip 1,000.00
  • Software 1,000.00
  • Publications 500.00
  • TOTAL COST: $125,000/year